Sample Waivers

With any construction window cleaning project it is important to get any liability agreements or waivers in writing prior to starting the work. Especially important is an agreement covering liability for existing scratches, scratches caused by others, and scratches caused as a direct result of defective tempered glass.

Click on the icons below to download samples of liability waivers in PDF format.


Our restoration service includes a process by which the scratch is ground out of the glass, and then polished to a factory quality finish.

Contractor Services

We have since expanded our services to focus more on surface restoration of various substrates, including glass restoration and much more.

Bird Control

We have expanded our restoration service to include other services, such as granite restoration, window frame repairs, and more.


We help determine the causes, prevention and possible liability for glass replacement or its restoration.


Our seminars cover a wide variety of topics to include: Safety precautions during the restoration process, customer expectations, and more.