Glass Restoration

Even in situations where prevention and proper cleaning methods are stressed, there are times when scratched glass is encountered on the job site.

Our glass restoration services are very extensive and cover all types of glass cleaning and restoration. The Fields Company restores glass with all types and degrees of damage, from hard water spots and light scratches to excess construction scratches and graffiti damage.

Graffiti damage is by far the worst of the worst. It takes the best equipment and most experienced technical to restore the glass without breaking the glass and minimizing the distortion. Special knowledge of glass types, substrates and glazing systems are basic fundamental requirements to attempt graffiti restoration. An inexperienced technician can break more glass than restore and cause unnecessary distortion, which will be very noticeable to client. Glass is a very unforgiving substrate to work with and a highly trained technical with the right equipment is well worth the extra money.

Our glass restoration systems are self contained and keep all slurries and restoration debris within the equipment. We are the only glass restoration company that uses a self contained shroud on all our systems. Our systems not only keeps the restoration area clean, but more importantly protects the technician and surrounding area from dangerous glass debris and slurries.

We do not charge for estimates within our immediate area, which is 50-75 miles from Livermore, California. Restoration estimates out side that area can still be given if the job is large enough to justify the travel cost. Projects out of town will be assessed a travel fee, but if the job is large enough and we are contracted to perform the restoration, the fee will be waived.

We also offer custom glass restoration equipment for those who would like to get into the glass restoration business. We currently offer the AGR (Advanced Glass Restoration) System and the SRP (Shat-R-Proof) System which includes extensive training seminars, sample contracts, marketing suggestions, sample restoration proposals, waivers and much more.


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Our restoration service includes a process by which the scratch is ground out of the glass, and then polished to a factory quality finish.

Contractor Services

We have since expanded our services to focus more on surface restoration of various substrates, including glass restoration and much more.

Bird Control

We have expanded our restoration service to include other services, such as granite restoration, window frame repairs, and more.


We help determine the causes, prevention and possible liability for glass replacement or its restoration.


Our seminars cover a wide variety of topics to include: Safety precautions during the restoration process, customer expectations, and more.