Bird Control & Abatement

The Fields Company has been providing bird control and abatement services for several years with excellent results.

We offer several remedies to help resolve any bird issue that might be negatively impacting your home, business or facility. The list of locations we offer bird abatement are endless, but here are a few types of areas and facilities we offer our bird abatement services to:

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurant

  • Department stores

  • Warehouses

  • Airport hangers

  • Storage facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Loading dock

  • Office parks

  • Parking garages

  • Shopping malls

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Homes

  • Marinas

  • Food storage facilities

  • Gas stations

  • Hotels

  • Fast food chains

  • Motels

  • Store Signs

  • Parking lot lights

  • Theaters

  • Medical centers

  • And, the list goes on...

We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area and offer several options to resolve any bird infestation problem. This would include bird control, abatement and the cleanup required to disinfect the area. We always provide monitoring to the entire facility to make sure any bird abatement program we have provided will in fact get the intended results.

The Fields Company strives to always provide quality work at a reasonable price, with the main goal of getting the job done as promised. We always include periodic inspection with all our services to make sure the systems in place are working as designed. If additional measures are required, we will meet with our client and make recommendations that we believe should be implemented and submit a detailed proposal to outline the abatement program. We specialize only in humane solutions to resolve bird abatement issues without harming any birds in the process.

We use only the highest quality products and guarantee all work and materials. All work performed is done with the building appearance in mind and again, we always make periodic inspections to insure all systems that are installed are working as designed.

The Fields Company only uses their own trained technicians, which are all employees of the company. Sub-contracted crews are never used. All employees are fully covered with our companies workman's compensation insurance, along with full general liability insurance, and we only use our company trucks that have full liability insurance. Certificate of insurance will be gladly supplied at clients request.

We welcome you to browse the Q&A section and feel free to contact us if you have further questions or requests.

More about Bird Abatement & Control

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